PSA: Homes for our Troops

Last night I had the pleasure of attending a fund raiser hosted by Homes for our Troops. I hadn't heard of this organization until late last week but have since learned a great deal about the good work these people have undertaken.

As the name implies, Homes for our Troops is a non-profit grass roots organization, founded in 2004, whose mission is to remodel or provide custom built homes designed to meet the needs of severely injured service members. They raise donations of money, land, building materials and professional labor and coordinate the process of adapting or building the home. All of this assistance is provided at no cost to the service member. Since their founding, they have provided 20 homes in as many states with 35 more planned thus far. Of particular note is the fact they manage to keep their overhead down to 7%; a great many other charities can learn a trick or two here.

Last night's event was to benefit Army Sgt. Peter Rooney and his wife, Susanne. The Sgt. lost both legs above the knee when the vehicle he was riding in was hit by an IED in Ramadi, Iraq. He enlisted in the Army in 2001 at age 18; he is now 25. Think about that for a minute.

The general reaction of the service members who have been the beneficary of homes is this: they are humbled that complete strangers could be so generous just because they served their country. I suggest it is we who are humbled by their selflessness, sacrifice and honor.

The link to Homes for our Troops has been added to our list of recommended sites. It's more than more a look.

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