The Liberal Orwellian Nightmare: Big Brother Britain

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Although you’d not think it from the mainstream media, the oldest and strongest of alliances is now under threat. The alliance that has been responsible for keeping the world free of fascism. The alliance that faced down the threat of communism during the cold war. The alliance that has stood shoulder to shoulder in defiance of the new wave of terrorism and hate fueled fascism that would otherwise engulf us all.

Is it under threat because of suddenly differing policies or a change in ethical viewpoint? Because one nation was caught committing espionage upon the other? Some act of betrayal? No, it is under sudden strain because one side now wishes to be ‘cool.’

Like a hormonal teenager discarding their best friend after suddenly winning a popularity contest, President Barack Obama would have found it hard to treat Prime Minister Gordon Brown with a greater sense of contempt. Admittedly, many in Britain would like nothing more than to see Brown humiliated, but in this case, all are aware it was not the man being snubbed, but the position and by extension the country.

Much has Britain done in recent history following the 9/11 attacks beyond the usual co-operation the two countries have enjoyed for so long. Not only in military support, or the sharing of intelligence or expertise in fighting terrorism gained through the years of combating the IRA, but perhaps more crucially in simply providing symbolic and literal unity after the most horrific act of terrorism in history.

While other countries provided lip service in support, or in many cases mere condemnation, following the attacks it was Britain who first pledged unwavering military support in retaliation. It was Tony Blair who broke from international obligations to declare on international television that the UK would be there when called upon - not the hip liberal nations of France or Germany that Obama is so keen on courting. Not the Islamic states he is trying to impress. Not Russia. It was Britain, as always.

So on receiving Brown to Washington, despite paying lip service to the ‘special relationship,’ Obama made it clear how little the country that has literally shed blood for the U.S. really means to the new administration with his actions. The little things that can be dismissed by a liberal media, but only a fool takes as meaningless. Whereas a bust of Winston Churchill always took place during such press conferences as a sign of respect, Obama made a point of returning it to the UK.

No.10 was told Obama did not have the time in his diary to spend with Brown. It has since been found that such pressing demands were in fact a routine speech to the Department for Interior and a meeting with the boy scouts of America. Now unless these boy scouts are going to be taking the place of British troops fighting and dying in Afghanistan, I think most can see who should have had priority.

There was no press conference, a standard for such visits during previous administrations and the British press were made to wait in the cold for over an hour before being allowed into the White House for what was permitted. Browns speech in which he trying to push his need to work with the US against the global recession actually had several members of congress missing, their seats taken by aides. There was no lunch or dinner as had on previous visits. Let us not forget, this was not a ‘party’ thing - Britain has been warmly received by both Clinton and Bush, and Bush was friendly with Blair and subsequently Brown. Brown had made sure to bring a personal gift - a pen holder made from wood of a warship that helped abolish the slave trade. Obama gave Brown DVD’s. DVD’s that don’t play on British DVD players no less. Yes, all that was missing was essentially pomp and ceremony, but it is symbolic of the attitude that Obama feels the British aren’t worth even that despite the physical and military unity Britain has provided at the drop of a hat.

Even if ceremony can be dismissed as meaningless, this irrefutably cannot, as taken from the Daily Telegraph (a normally left wing paper) dated 7th March -

The real views of many in Obama administration were laid bare by a State Department official involved in planning the Brown visit, who reacted with fury when questioned by The Sunday Telegraph about why the event was so low-key.

The official dismissed any notion of the special relationship, saying: "There's nothing special about Britain. You're just the same as the other 190 countries in the world. You shouldn't expect special treatment." The apparent lack of attention to detail by the Obama administration is indicative of what many believe to be Mr Obama's determination to do too much too quickly.

Sadly, Labour, being full of liberal wet rags have done all they can to dismiss what was clearly a snub and pathetically try to convince people it was a diplomatic success. Anyone with a brain can see what it was, and why it happened. In his bid to keep up with his ‘cool liberal’ image, Obama has brushed off America’s most important ally to gain favour with Europeans who favour image over substance, but it has not gone unnoticed over here. Even left wing media outlets are talking of the snub for what it is. The same press that bent over backwards to hail the coming of Obama as salvation of America’s ‘soul’.

What can also only be missed by an idiot is that Labour will not be winning the next election. America may find itself with a British government with a spine. One that will take offense at such an international slight. So when America next finds itself in need of an ally, Obama may find his arrogance coming home to roost when Germany and France forget how to answer the phone. When he finds himself alone in the world beyond polite nods and condescending smiles from Europe upon finding his gloss carries no weight with Iran who still wish to see the destruction of the US, he may realise that maybe Britain wasn’t just one among the many, and maybe the relationship was actually that important after all.

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I feel more loved already.

Almost makes me wish we could be under British rule again...almost.

I mean is there a clause in the surrender that we can go back to colony state after 233 years?

I may kid about winning said Revolution and about how many times we've pulled England's ass out of the fire, but this is no way to treat an ally of nearly 200 years. The President really thinks he can treat England like any other country?

Hey Barack, this country wouldn't BE here if it wasn't for England. If there was ever a country that deserved "favored nation" status, it would be England. Case closed.