I Am Not An Economist, Nor Is Warren Buffett

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Warren Buffet is going to have to turn in his cool kids club card.

While technically not an economist, Mr. Buffett has amassed enough of a fortune, and developed enough of a reputation in the investment world, that liberals have been quick to parade his endorsement of Barrack Obama out when anyone dared question the acumen behind the administration’s economic recovery efforts.

Until now.

Speaking to CNBC on Monday, Buffett related the current economic situation to Pearl Harbor, saying that we are in an economic war, and not so subtly adding that the crisis the Democrats keep talking about as an opportunity not to be missed is shameful.

“(We’ve) heard this comment recently from some Democrats recently that a `crisis is a terrible thing to waste,” Buffett said. “It’s, in my view, it’s an economic war, and–I don’t think anybody on December 7th (1941) would have said a `war is a terrible thing to waste, and therefore we’re going to try and ram through a whole bunch of things and- but we expect the other party to unite behind us on the- on the big problem. It's just a mistake, I think, when you've got one overriding objective, to try and muddle it up with a bunch of other things.

What Buffett fails to recognize is that this has been the Democrats plan all along. They’ve just advanced it at a quicker pace than many thought possible due to the initial overwhelming support for the President (Hope!). While Buffett gives their intentions the benefit of the doubt, he does not agree with the treatment of the GOP, which the left has attempted to label as a party of no.

“You can’t expect people to unite behind you if you’re trying to jam a whole bunch of things down their throat,” he said. “So I would–I would absolutely say for the–for the interim, till we get this one solved, I would not be pushing a lot of things that are–you know are contentious, and I also–I also would do no finger-pointing whatsoever.”

Strike two. And then came the big no-no in Liberal Land, the defense, or at least the calling off of the dogs on the former President. He even called him George. Really.

“I would–you know, I would not say, you know, `George’–`the previous administration got us into this,’” Buffett said while signing his liberal love death certificate. “Forget it. I mean, you know, the Navy made a mistake at Pearl Harbor and had too many ships there. But the idea that we’d spend our time after that, you know, pointing fingers at the Navy, we needed the Navy. So I would–I would– I would–no finger-pointing, no vengeance, none of that stuff. Just look forward.”

In the last week, Obama’s big name advisor has called into question the Democrats ability to manage this economic crisis, the chairman of the Senate Finance Committee has questioned the honesty of Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner, Nancy Pelosi threw out the idea of a second pork-filled stimulus package, and word came that Obama does not have the votes to pass his budget.

Most of this is being overlooked because the media cannot bother to talk about news, and the Dow had one of its starts Tuesday, gaining more than 5 percent.

Soon it will go back down as more government programs are proposed with no viable funding source. There will be more job losses, but we will continue to hear about how many jobs are saved or mythically created. Barring a miracle where the country rises up and stops this abhorrent taxation of achievers for the benefit of the non-contributors, there will be no light at the end of the tunnel. Not yet.

No, I am not an economist. Not that it matters anymore.

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