Frank's Tuesday Morning Hangover

My portfolio is going down faster than an out of work stock broker in a back alley in Chinatown, so I’ve decided to diversify my holdings.

I’m going to buy a Rent-a-Center franchise.

Let me explain.

“Cramming down” is a process by which a bank is forced to write off a portion of an individual’s mortgage balance to make the home worth more than the owner owes said bank. Bankruptcy lawyers are about to be granted much more liberal power with which to “cram down” the balances due on upside down mortgages, thus allowing the Obama administration to succeed in pulling off his greatest campaign promise.

They’ve redistributed the wealth of the "haves" to the "havenots" without most Americans even understanding the process.

Let me explain some more -

I own a house that is worth more than I owe. Some other schmuck owns a house that is worth less than he owes. Obama tells judges to set up Butthead's mortgage so that his house is worth more than he owes on it. Obama then takes my money to make up the difference to Corky's bank. Shmo end up with equity in his home – i.e. wealth – that used to be my vacation fund.

Who ends up being the beneficiary of this redistribution, what with me buying equity in some moron's home and giving it back to him?

Rent-a-Center, that's who.

You know damned well that the minute these Mensa members have an inch of breathing room they’re getting another home equity loan to buy a sweet, sweet 64” plasma with the super duper package (including the sports plans!!) from Directv.

Now if you'll excuse me I've got some kickin' speakers to sell.

Most American moderates..err, I mean progressives know by now that President Obama has no intention of governing from the center, but for the komrades who need one more dollop of sour cream on the borscht, here's a name for you - George Tiller.

Tiller, "MD" is the leading late term abortion "doctor" in Kansas, and one of the "preeminent" late term abortion "doctors" in the country. (It sickens me to use "MD" and "doctor" and "preeminent" when describing this scumbag.)Tiller's "justification" for performing late term abortions - in KS a definable medical condition needs to be determined before this murder, I mean this procedure, can be performed - is often "temporary depression".

Christin Gilbert, a teen with Down's Syndrome and "temporary depression" actually died of sepsis after an abortion that took several days to complete --- at Tiller's clinic.

What does George Tiller, "MD" have to do with the Obama administration?

Besides being a world class mass murderer he's also a guy who shares happy hours at the mansion with Kansas Governor Kathleen Sebelius, Obama's future Secretary of Health and Human Services.

Does anyone else want to take the boot from their carbon footprint and shove it up someone's ass today?

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