Mending Fences

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Like most folks with an IQ north of Gump, I nearly shit a brick this past week when the White House declared that there's nothing special about Britain. You're just the same as the other 190 countries in the world. You shouldn't expect special treatment.

What. The. Fuck. Our staunchest allies on the globe, who are doing much of the heavy lifting in Afghanistan, who have sacrificed 300 of their very best citizens in Iraq and Afghanistan combined since 9/11, have been reduced to the same as everyone else on the globe. Congratulations Britain, you're on par with Iran and North Korea now in our book!

The stunning idiocy that is forming within the White House under the guise of foreign policy has become breathtaking. Why not just put Gordon Brown up in a Motel 6 the next time he's over, and send over some Subway?

There's only one thing I can think of that will rectify this situation in the shortest possible time frame: turn over UK/American relations to WAF.

We like to make occassional fun of our UK brethren here, but beyond the jokes, you have to give the Brits credit where credit is do. While their society is being overrun by liberalism run amok, there are still small oasis of tradition holding out that give one hope, and one of the greatest rays of light is their sporting traditions, and specifically racing. A great percentage of the great racing drivers in history have been Brits, and for good reason: these fuckers are just flat out crazy when they get behind the wheel. And they'll race anything, and I do mean anything:

There isn't much that gives me hope in the world anymore, but watching some crazy Brit two wheel a double decker around a corner does the trick.

So this is what I'm proposing: give us a race track, a keg of Guinness for the "after action review", and send us a proper contingent of Brits. It doesn't really matter what we drive; we're just going to wreck it all anyway...but in a day, we'll have this whole "you're nothing special" thing sorted out.

Don't worry UK...there's plenty of us over here that think you're still pretty fucking special; and not just in a short bus sort of way.

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