Nancy Pelosi: Illegal Immigration Raids Are "Un-American"

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Yes, we're crossing over into the surreal again.

Shout out to ObamaOdrama for breaking out the video of Nancy Pelosi addressing a mixed crowd of legal and illegal immigrants this past Saturday:

It's always nice when the Speaker of the House is willing to get up on stage, pick up a microphone and say that enforcing the law is "un-American".

My son recently did a research project for his 4th grade class where he had to pick an ancestor and give a presentation on them, where they were from, their customs, etc. He picked his great grandfather, who was an immigrant from Norway in the 1920's, and researched his immigration into America. After learning more of what people went through in the 1920's to immigrate here legally (everything from dealing with the laws of their home country to the rigors of the trip to waiting at Ellis Island, etc.) I see every border sneek illegal as an even bigger slap in the face to every American who's ancestors did things the proper and just way to become Americans.

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she's such a piece of shit.