Math With Professor Reardon

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Okay kids, here is today's math question presented by Professor Reardon.

To pay for all of these wonderful programs that the government is attempting to expand and create, we are going to TAX THE RICH! Universal health care? Tax the rich! Everyone goes to college? Tax. The. Rich. Cure cancer? No really, we're now going to cure cancer according to the President. You guessed it- tax the rich.

Currently the top 5 percent of income earners in the United States already pay 60 percent of income taxes to Uncle Sam. 60 percent.

The bottom 40 percent pays nothing. You know, the same people who will benefit from the universal health care and FREE college educations.


But I digress.

The answer we look for is, under these current conditions, how long will the rich last?

Be sure to provide and add any circumstances you want to your projections. Leave answers in the comments section.

Professor Reardon

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