Restoring America's Image

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For the last 7 years we heard how George Bush has "destroyed America's image around the world. Indeed, throughout his campaign, Obama spoke at length about that problem and vowed to restore that image.

And so, he has embarked on his first trip abroad as President, to meet with other world leaders at the G-20.

And so, we now have a new image.

That of Barack Obama bowing to the King of Saudi Arabia. Let me say that again: the President of the United States of America bowed down to the King of Saudi Arabia, a nation that at best is a dubious ally and at worst is a despotic sponsor of terrorism.

What's the big deal, you may ask. That's certainly the question liberals have been asking. After all, he was just showing that he is a humble man and unlike his predecessor, he has respect for other countries.

Bullshit. One, Obama is a great many things, humble is decidedly not one of them. Two, he appears to have respect for certain countries. When introduced to the Queen of England, he did not feel compelled to bow. He nodded his head and shook hands. And that was the appropriate thing to do. In fact, that was how every other leader at the Summit greeted each other. They treated each other as equals. With one exception.

Liberals will also tell you they prefer Obama's bowing to Bush's "holding hands with the King". Well, of course they do. In the first place, BDS is their answer to everything and in the second place, they once again ignore facts. Consider this excerpt, from of all places, the NY Times:

In fact, if a man chooses not to touch another in a greeting, it can be interpreted as a sign of distance or disdain. Kissing cheeks, long handshakes and clutching hands are meant to reflect amity, devotion and most important, equality in status, noted Fuad Ishak Khuri, a social anthropologist, in his book, "The Body in Islamic Culture" (2001).

In other words, George Bush was able to pay respect to another country's leader while maintaining his not only his own dignity, but that of the country he represented. No wonder then, that liberals prefer Obama's bowing.

Because, HERE is the problem with what Obama did: bowing is a sign of subservience. With that bow, Barack Obama, President of the United States, a sovereign (for now) nation and leader of the free world subjugated not only himself but this country before another nation's King. The Revolutionary War was fought so that would never happen again.

Even better, he chose as the recipient of this gesture the ruler of an Islamic nation. That would be the same Islam whose basic philosophy preaches the enslavement of infidels...that would be us. Now, ask yourself how every jihadist interprets that image. Do they view it as "a sign of respect" or as a sign of America - the Great Infidel's submission?

Yeah. There's your new image.

That sound you hear is that of our Founding Fathers rolling in their graves.

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