Frank's Tuesday Morning Hangover

First, let me apologize to my readers - both of you - for missing last week's deadline. I made my annual commute to St. Louis to watch a Mets/Cardinals game on Tuesday night. It's a there and back in one day/night/morning thing that requires a lot of planning. And Monster Energy Drink (tm).

I almost skipped this morning as well, and am grateful to the two of you for checking in (I mean, if you actually did) to see if I took a shot here.

I owe it to you.

Actually, that's not entirely true. I mean the "owing it to you" part surely is, but I want to talk about my Governor, Kathleen Sebelius of the great state of Kansas. She wants to be yours, mine and ours as the United States Secretary of Health and Human Services. You have just a few hours to help me in my grass roots movement to prevent this from happening

(Note to my readership - as she has officially screwed my adopted state this is an act of selflessness that shows my obvious sincerity.)

Governor Sebelius is quite possibly the most liberal, I mean "progressive", governor of this great nation when it comes to allowing for the proliferation of late term abortions. Just this past week she vetoed a bill that would have required abortion "doctors" (geez that's tough to write...), to sign official documents stating why these procedures are medically necessary. The veto also ensures that parents need not be notified when their minor daughters have late terms. It makes pre-abortion counseling unnecessary. It saves "physicians" the trouble of having to provide life saving measures, or even basic painkilling comfort care, to babies that are born due to botched abortions.

There's a few more nooks and crannies built in there, but you get the gist.

Additionally, besides the standard Obama cabinet candidate requirement of having tax "problems" (she "mistook the acceptability of some deductions"), she also has the issue of receiving money from "Dr." George Hiller, noted mass murderer - I mean preeminent late term abortion "doctor" (there's that pause before clicking keys again).

A LOT of money.

Like three TIMES as much money as she initially reported.

Another honest mistake I'm sure.

She "forgot about" the tens of thousands of dollars that Hiller poured into her campaign. Her campaign that promised him that his killing mills will be able to operate indefinitely, unmolested, for as long as he can cash the checks.

Even many of the most pro-choice proponents believe that late term abortions are barbaric and even murderous. Do we want a Health and Human Services Secretary that thinks they should be legal, safe and common? (paraphrasing former Senator John Edwards, who is looking like a pro-life champion when compared to Kitty Kat.)

Quick, call your Senator and let him or her know how you feel.

Thanks for reading.

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