"Trust Me, I Get It"

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“Trust me, I get it”

So said President Barack Obama in his delivery to the nation Tuesday evening. As I did some play by play on the speech here, I was left wondering one thing- is this guy stupid or arrogant?

Then it hit me. He’s the worst scenario of all- a liberal with a plan. I am firm believer that contradictions cannot exist, but this case may prove that theory wrong. He has a plan and he will pursue it until stopped.

Shortly after his budget presentation headlines were clear- $10,000 per person, that’s what the 2010 budget averaged out to. Several hours later, the headline changed to $25,573 per taxpayer. That got me thinking. At what point will the extreme left wing of this country, which gains more and more power each day, be happy with that ratio? Is it 3 to 1, 4 to 1, or even higher?

At what point will they achieve happiness knowing that they have succeeded in their goal of providing for the have-nots on the back of those who achieve?

Thanks to a drooling media that cannot get its head out of its own ass long enough to ask a few relevant questions about our future, Rahm Emmanuel, the current Chief of Staff, has flown under the radar despite his tremendously insightful remarks that “crisis brings about opportunity.”

That’s the troubling part of this economic downturn. Deep down, the Democrats in charge at the top are digging it. It is allowing them to pursue an agenda they never dreamed of chasing- a radical adjustment of what this country used to stand for.

Nancy Pelosi is sipping champagne tonight with visions of a $3.5 trillion budget figures dancing in her head. Pet projects saving field mice in California, more than $600 billion heading towards universal health care with no plan for implementation, and people who don’t pay taxes receiving a tax break- it’s a liberal utopia. A trillion in new taxes over the next decade? I don't know if they conjured that up out of their ass or hat?

Please do not make the mistake that I genuinely believe everyone having access to health care is a liberal dream. Nor is the completion of pledged projects to their constituents- they could care less about that.

My friend KO discussed this earlier, but it cannot be understated. Liberals seek a government that does not just enforce laws and collect taxes, but provides you with the food you eat and the work that allows you to earn. They understand, perhaps more than most people realize, that the advancement of these plans solidify their increasing voting base- the people that are searching harder for handouts than they are a job. Their true heaven on earth is in sight for the first time in many, many years.

The opportunity this crisis presents is to reach their unstated and silent goal. It is a notion that they will deny until the very end- they want to make everyone equally poor. There is no need to prosper in their minds, just survive. They loathe individual achievement. If everyone is forced to remain the same, and we somehow retain our democracy, they remain in power. They become the great liberators. Taking care of those who do not know better, this is how they look at America.

Their arrogance is angering. After spending the week talking about his goal to cut the budget deficit in half by 2012 despite spending more than a trillion new dollars on ill conceived stimulus packages and bank bailouts, Obama had the audacity to title his budget message, “A New Era of Responsibility.” He either has one serious sense of humor, or he’s just hoping we are not paying attention.

During Ayn Rand’s epochal Atlas Shrugged, two characters discuss the worst fable ever repeated to children- Robin Hood. The moral of that story has been destroyed over the years and molded to the point where we genuinely believe that stealing from the rich for the benefit of the poor is a noble goal. It’s difficult to believe that in a short 50 years we have reached a point in our culture where that exaggeration has become a reality.

"The taxing aspect of this is worse than Robin Hood," said economist Peter Morici, a University of Maryland professor, of Obama’s spending plan on Thursday. "He's resurrecting class warfare for political gain."

There are some people out there that get it. As we’ve talked about before, the question is how the liberals go, how much do they achieve, before the rest of the country wakes up from its coma?

In the meantime, we are left with over-the-top rhetoric entitled “Inheriting a Legacy of Misplaced Priorities,” also known as, Chapter One of Obama’s Budget Message. That’s true hope and change right there.

The message, which can be viewed here- http://www.whitehouse.gov/omb/assets/fy2010_new_era/A_New_Era_of_Responsibility2.pdf- has wonderful little ditties discussing “eroding trust and accountability,” the “erosion of market oversight,” and an “unresponsive and secret government.” For guys that claim to want to play in both sides of the political sandbox, the entire budget message is a lefty fringe wet dream- “Bush Bad.”

What was Pelosi’s response to this massive budget that brings back big government to a level that conservative stalwart Bill Clinton pledged we would never see again?

“It is a blueprint for the future, and I’m proud of that,” she said.

Trust me, I get it.

I’m hoping the rest of the country will soon.

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