Mr. President, Don't Blow This


As my Lahti and I made our way to our small, cramped, dimly lit desk, nestled in the far left corner of the bunker I reflected on a conversation I recently had with my college History major daughter. The topic was England and Parliament and some of its most famous personalities. We came around to one of my favorites, Edmund Burke. So, I am declaring it Edmund Burke day, at least in the small, far left corner of the bunker. Burke once mused:

'When the leaders choose to make themselves bidders at an auction of popularity, their talents, in the construction of the state will be of no service”.

Mr. President, on day 35, earlier than I am sure you ever imagined, you are at an important crossroad of your administration. You can sacrifice it to those to whom the auctioneers have already bid and won, yes that’ means YOU Ms. Pelosi, or you can use your talents as problem solver, a conciliator, to bring the GOP into the discussion and come to a true bi-partisan agreement on how to resolve the economic downturn.

Follow the lead of one of Burke’s fellow Irishman, Ronald Reagan (whoa, that was tough to write even on Edmund Burke day), Reagan won both his elections with a far larger mandate than the one which brought you to office. If he can sit down with Tip O’Neil, there’s no reason at all why you shouldn’t bring Boehner, Cantor, et al to the White House, shut the door and “git r done”. 35 days into your administration you have the opportunity to be a great President, don’t squander it to the same bidders and auctioneers who have already destroyed the reputation, credibility and effectiveness of the congressional democrats.

“Your representative owes you, not his industry only, but his judgment; and he betrays instead of serving you if he sacrifices it to your opinion”

Mr. President, use the judgment with which you have been blessed. Use your victory as an olive branch of co-operation, not as a gavel to unilaterally end debate. Use your address tonight to invite bi-partisan success, not partisan failure.

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