American Jihadist: Just Another Victim

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If the sarcasm dripping off that title isn't enough for you, you should read the CNN piece on the statements made by Muhammad Abdulhakim's lawyer. You'll be happy to know that his client was "brainwashed" and tortured in Yemen while incarcerated during an immigration problem, and that everyone else in the world besides Abdulhakim is responsible for his shooting attack outside an Army recruiting station.
"My client is a young man, I think, brainwashed," attorney Jim Hensley told CNN. "What else could be explained for a young man who's a true American, plays football, helps his grandmother and mows the lawns of his neighbors? Comes back and then finds himself in this situation? That is not a normal situation in my book."

Just a red blooded American lad...

In September 2007, Muhammad left Tennessee State University in Nashville, where he was studying business, and traveled to Yemen to teach English to children and to learn Arabic.

There, "he felt at peace with these people," even marrying a Yemeni, Hensley said.

But things began to change when his client was detained for a minor visa violation in Yemen and sent to prison, where he was housed with radical Islamic fundamentalists, Hensley said.

...who just happened to fall in with a bad crowd...

There is disagreement about the time he was incarcerated. The lawyer said Muhammad told him he had served four months in prison.

Hensley said Muhammad told him that, during the last two weeks he was held, he was deprived of sleep and food and "was slapped around a little bit," enduring beatings on the backs of his legs.

During Muhammad's time in the prison, an FBI agent visited him not as an ally but as an interrogator, Hensley said.

...brutalized by his American puppet captors and abandoned by his government...

The FBI agent "believed that Carlos was some kind of hardened terrorist hellbent on doing violence to America," Hensley said.


After he was released in January, Muhammad returned to Nashville, Tennessee, where his parents noticed their son was "fidgety, frustrated, can't sit still," Hensley said.

The same FBI agent approached him and threatened to put him under surveillance, "to do everything we can to cause you trouble," Hensley said.

...harrassed by law enforcement...

Hensley added that Muhammad's parents told him that, once he returned to Nashville, "he was a different human," one who blamed the United States for the war wounds suffered by some of the children whom he had taught, children without arms or legs.

...haunted by visions of the victims of American imperialism...

He also blamed U.S. immigration policy for his inability to bring his bride back to the United States with him, Hensley said.

...denied the love and understanding of the love of his life by blatantly racist immigration policy...

"A first-year psychology student would be able to see that this young man needed some help, and that wasn't offered him by anyone," Hensley said.

...denied the help he needs by The System...

Federal agents said Wednesday that they were looking into whether Internet searches of various locations in several other U.S. cities were a sign that Muhammad was seeking "additional targets." The cities investigators included Atlanta, Georgia; Louisville, Kentucky; New York; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; and Memphis, Tennessee, where Muhammad grew up.

Hensley told CNN that his client was not the only person who was using the computer.

...and, in the end, wrongfully accused and a patsy in a larger, obvious conspiracy.

Where did they find this lawyer, advertising on late night t.v. during an all night kung fu movie marathon? Is there a race, culture or sympathy card out there that this guy missed playing? Every statement from the guy sounds like something you'd expect out of a bad parody movie.

It seems that this is destined to be turned into a circus by this dirtbag's lawyer, who pled "not guilty" on behalf of his client after his client already admitted to the shootings to police afterwards. Pvt. Long and Pvt. Ezeagwula deserve better than a media circus; they deserve justice.

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